Saturday, February 24, 2018

Let's Publish The Old Kingdom!

Cretaceous North Africa, home to the largest meat-eating dinosaur known to science, Spinosaurus, was a fascinating environment from which we have a wealth of fossils and information from.  Despite this, never before has there been a textbook strictly dedicated to this fascinating time and place in earth's history.  That is before paleontologist, Jamle Ijouiher, decided to compile all his research on this subject into one amazing textbook for anyone to buy and own in his/her own collection of reading material!

Jamale is a rare gem because he used his own funds to get this book published.  He also insisted on fairly paying his artists whom he hired to provide the illustrations for this book.  (I am one of said artists.)

My Spinosuarus aegyptiacus is one of the illustrations featured in Jamle's upcoming book, The Old Kingdom.  Click the link below to donate and ensure it gets published!

Because of this, Jamale needs our help to get this book through the last stages of publication.  Check out this link and read more about his mission to get his book published and contribute a donation if you can!  It will be helping paleoartists, like myself, scientists, like Jamale, and take us one step in the right direction of having good scientific material available for anyone who wants it. 


  1. Not the largest, in terms of mass...

  2. Mass estimates change constantly depending on lots of factors. Length, assuming most of the skeleton is known, is my go-to size indicator for most cases. But yes, Tyrannosaurus was big too. ;)