Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shoprite Toy Section: The Good Stuff

So I was grocery shopping the other day and happened to pass the toy section.  The toy sections in grocery stores are small but usually contain a variety of different things.  A common theme for toys is, no surprise, dinosaurs.  Most little kids had a dinosaur phase (some of us don't grow out of it).  A puzzle designed for toddlers happened to catch my eye that day because it was of dinosaurs (shocker).  It had four typical cartoon-style dinosaurs, with bright colors and each dinosaur was labelled.  To my surprise they were actually correctly labelled! 

The Apatosaurus was called an Apatosaurus, not Brontosaurus!  The theropod I was almost sure would be labelled as Tyrannosaurus or worse, T-rex(gasp!) despite the three fingers but alas, it was labelled Allosaurus!  Even the pterosaur, which is is 99.9% of the time mislabeled as Pterodactyl (an actual genus of animal but not usually what people picture) on toys like this was actually referred to as a pterosaur!  The cartoon creature they have on the puzzle looks like its supposed to be Pteranodon, a kind of pterosaur, so they are safe.  Good job, grocery store discount toddler puzzle!  You have the Jersey Boy Hunts Dinosaurs stamp of approval! 

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