Below you will find a list of all the interesting people I have interviewed over the years.  I find it invaluable to get as many opinions, inputs, first-hand knowledge, and sometimes just fun stories, from all sorts of professionals.  This list will keep growing so make sure to check it regularly.  Enjoy!

Victoria Arbour - Paleontologist

Amy Atwater - Paleontologist

Daniel Barta - Paleontologist

Steve Brusatte - Paleontologist

Susan Drymala - Paleontologist

Mike Everhart- Paleontologist and Author

Larry Felder- Artist and Author

Liz Freedman Fowler- Paleontologist

James Gourney- Artist

Scott Hartman- Paleontologist and Artist

Dave Hone - Paleontologist

Jamale Ijouiher - Paleontologist

Heinrich Mallison - Paleontologist

Melissa Marquez- Marine Biologist

Carl Mehling - Paleontologist

Bruce J. Mohn - Artist and Paleontologist

Shaena Montanari - Paleontologist

Vladimir Nikolov- Artist

Jason Poole- Paleontologist and Artist

Niroot Puttapipat - Artist 

Luis V. Rey - Artist

David Silva - Artist

Adam Stuart Smith - Paleontologist  

Katrina Van Grouw - Artist and Author

Nathan Van Vranken - Paleontologist

Emily Willoughby- Artist

Mark Witton - Paleontologist, Author, and Artist

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