Thursday, November 21, 2013

Concept Sketches

Hello!  Today I would like to share with you all some concept sketches.  Concept Art is a form of art meant to visually represent an intended finished product.  When it comes to me illustrating dinosaurs it is a chance for me to play around with different ideas like possible color schemes and poses to see what looks best.  An idea may seem really good in my head but after sketching it on paper I sometimes realize it isn't really that awesome.  This is important since watercolor paper is really expensive and I want to be confident when I make the first marks on a new soon-to-be painting! 

I have two pages from my sketchpad to share.  Each one has multiple concepts on them.  (I am a messy sketcher.)  Many of these sketches have since been turned into full paintings which you may recognize from this blog.  Some I haven't gotten around to going forward with.  Others are scrapped ideas.

Here is the first one...

Recognize anybody?  Take a gander at our list of prehistoric animals to be sure!

Ready for sketch number two?  Here ya go...

This one is a lot more crowded.  There are some interesting poses in there as well!

Between these two pages there are six images that have since become full paintings.  Instead of just telling you how about you guys comment below which ones you recognize.  Then next thursday I can be the big well re-reveal since these paintings are totally already on the internet.  Good luck!

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