Friday, January 31, 2014

Rutgers Geology Museum Open House 2014

This past weekend Gary and I were invited to another Rutgers Geology Museum event!  As usual it was a great turnout with a LOT of enthusiastic kids and adults.  What's great is that each year Gary and I have new information and experiences to share.  This year, for instance, I brought along some of the fossils we collected this past summer in New Mexico! 

Gary and his son, Joey, talk show a family a Coelophysis bone.  You can see our Dryptosaurus casts in the foreground.

Our good friend, Larry Felder, also stopped by with his family!  In addition to being a fantastic paleo-artist, Larry is also a huge supporter of the Jersey Boys who Hunt Dinosaurs. 

Wonderful smile, Joey.
One of the activities I do at events is called "Identify the Dinosaur".  It involves a line up of my toys scientific models and picking out which one represents an actual dinosaur.  Best line of the day was Larry's four-year-old daughter rolling her eyes and exclaiming "BIRDS. ARE. DINOSAIRS."


Adrianna Trusiak also made an appearance to support us.  Adrianna is from City College in New York studying geomicrobiology and is a colleague of Gary's. 

Adrianna no! That has long since expired!

There is also this small mural on display there that was painted by some guy back in 2010...

That is all for this week!  Join me Sunday for a Prehistoric Animal of the Week

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