Thursday, February 13, 2014

Prehistoric Valentines

It's Valentines Day tomorrow!  Ever wonder what it would be like if valentines were a thing in prehistoric times?  What would an Ankylosaurus say to woo a mate?  Would Gryphoceratops say anything special to that special someone?  Well I decided to make some prehistoric themed valentines.  Feel free to print them out and give them to your loved ones...or people who you really want to creep out. 

I bet some dinosaurs would be sweet, witty, or flirty...

Oh Unenlagia, you could go dancing with me any day.

Linguistics joke!

I actually don't have a tail so...

Some would probably be more aggressive with their advances...

Now that's dedication.

A bit too kinky for me, thanks.

Of course, let's not forget that most animals are pretty direct when the time is right. Sometimes blunt is best.  (Although I don't think I would use any of these lines, myself.)

Honesty is a good quality!

If you want to read about how dinosaurs may have courted check out my post from last year and if you would like to know about what it would be like to date a T. rex check out Gary's post from two years ago.  Happy Valentines Day everybody!

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