Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Species of Gigantic Meat-Eating Dinosaur Would Have hunted T. rex!

This is some really exciting news, guys!  A newly discovered species of dinosaur has just been unearthed that definitely would have been the most fearsome of all the predators.  Check out Yorkshirterrierrex apocalypsedon!  The whole name translates to "Yorkshire Terrier King Apocalypse Tooth"

Life reconstruction of the newly discovered Yorkshireterrierex.  To give you an idea of scale it is depicted here next to a human and Tyrannosaurus (its preferred prey according to speculation).

"We had some trouble agreeing on a name for this beast.  Finally it hit us.  Why not name the biggest and most powerful of all the dinosaurs after the biggest and most powerful of all the living animals?  The Yorkshire Terrier was the obvious choice." - A credible scientist who worked on the specimen

Photograph of the extant Yorkshire Terrier.  The photographer was mauled to death shortly after taking this shot.

Yorkshirterrierrex lived during the late Cretaceous, in what is now North America, and likely hunted Tyrannosaurus on a regular basis.  Scientists also believe from looking at the fossil they found that this animal ALSO probably roamed a little earlier in the Late Cretaceous in Egypt because it probably was also hunting Spinosaurus.

Photograph of the fragmentary remains from Yorkshireterrierex.  You can see the fossilized bone fragments right there in the middle.  No, not that one.  That one.

"This animal was definitely a dangerous predator.  We have no reason not to believe it was present in both Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus' habitats to hunt them.  Oh!  You know what would also be cool?  If it lived in South America and hunted Giganotosaurus too.  Yeah...it probably was there too.  Definitely add that in." - Another credible Person

"I'm going to draw fifty pictures of this dinosaur and post them on my deviantArt page." - Fanboy

Check out this photograph of the fossil material from Yorkshireterrierrex!  It's incomplete but according to the paper (which hasn't been released to the public yet, sorry) there is enough material here to deduct that the whole animal probably looked like what I illustrated above.


Happy April Fools Day. 

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