Friday, September 19, 2014

Jamie Oliver's Diner: Jersey Boy in England

As you may know I made a trip to London back in May.  One of the places I made a point to visit was an American style restaurant just opened earlier this year by famous chef, Jamie Oliver.  Now why would an American visit an American style diner in a foreign country?  There is no fun in that!  Well there is actually a lot of fun because the whole place is freaking dinosaur themed.

The place is covered literally from ceiling for floor with dinosaur-themed art.  Some of it is really clever.  My favorite was the giant feathered theropod suspended from the ceiling over the stairs as you walk in.  Couldn't quite figure out which genus it was supposed to be.  Eotyrannus perhaps?  Below are the photographs I took with my thoughts about them.  Hope you enjoy!  If you ever get a chance to visit downtown London, make a point to stop in for a milkshake if you like being surrounded by zany dinosaur stuff.  I was bummed they weren't selling T-shirts yet.

Upon walking in the door visitors are greeted with an inspiring last supper parody featuring dromaeosaurs dining upon a disembodied sauropod head and neck.

This is the giant hanging feathered theropod.  The wrists are wrong but everything else is pretty up to date-looking!

Yay feathered ornithomimid!

Spanish Triceratops fighting.  I actually did this in college but the uniform looked too good on me so they made me quit because I was making all the other matadors feel depressed about their bodies.  Also bull/triceratops fighting is sort of inhumane if you think about it.

Can't have an American-themed dinosaur place without oil jokes!

I'm expressing disapproval at the fact that the Tyrannosaurus is sitting on top of the sick Triceratops from Jurassic Park without offering her any of his herbal tea.  She clearly needs it more than him.

These stitched dinosaur scenes were very pretty.

Jurassic Park Spinosaurus Dino Lube should be in every garage.

There was this mounted, racing striped theropod head over the bar.

Gotta love the Oviraptor ribbon dancing in the nude.

My other occupation back in college but the jeans on me...same deal.

Like I said the place was literally decorated with dinosaur art from ceiling to floor.

Close up of some of the ceiling art.  Wish I knew the story here.

We will end it with some nice graffiti art of a Papo dinosaur toy.  The dinosaur oil signs were also inspired by papo toys.

Hope you enjoyed my little photo tour of the place.  Like I said if you are ever in London and want your dinosaur fix and eat some good fries and a shake at the same time, try out Jamie Oliver's Diner!

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