Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Disney Princesses Reimagined as Dinosaurs

One of the most popular Halloween costumes you will no doubt see every year is Disney princess.  They are everywhere.  (FYI: This year get ready for enough kids in Frozen costumes to literally invade a country.) If you happen to use the internet on a fairly regular basis you might notice that there is this creative fad going around where an artist will illustrate Disney princesses as...something different.  It's really popular actually.  They change their race, sex, costumes, they show them as superheros, villains, high school students, steampunk...the list goes on.  It started off as "wow that's clever!" and now its been going on for a while and I am starting to get really annoyed.  I'm annoyed because NOT ONCE HAS A DISNEY PRINCESS BEEN REIMAGINED AS A DINOSAUR.  Well this artist got out his handy dandy sketch pad and did something about it.  I shall now share with you a few doodles I did of Disney princesses if they suddenly poofed into a dinosaur (or other prehistoric beast) right in the middle or during the climax of each of their movies.  You're welcome.

First up we have Cinderella as a Sauropod.

You can't know for sure it won't fit until you try.  Go ahead...try.

 Then we have Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, if she were a Liopleurodon

More like the Lio Mermaid!  Get it?  ...Yeah you do.

It's Princess Jasmine, from Alladin, if she were a beautiful titanosaur! 

C'mon, carpet!  She want's to be shown the world!

Here is Mulan as a Yutyrannus!

I'll make a tyrannosauroid out of you.

You didn't honestly think I was going to leave out Frozen, did you?  Finally, here is Queen Elsa as a wooly mammoth. 

I wonder if that ice staircase she used would need to be reinforced a bit now...

There now Disney Princesses as dinosaurs (and other prehistoric beasts) is a real thing.  It exists.  I feel better now.  Maybe next year I will do even more, who knows?  Hope you all enjoyed this little Halloween-themed post.  Stay tuned, though!  I have one more much spookier Halloween-themed post up my sleeve for Friday! 

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