Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015: Resilience that Hits Back

"Wow!" I said to my girlfriend as we were driving in the car, earlier this month. "It's already October again!  Which prehistoric creature should I paint in pink this year for Breast Cancer Awareness?"

She stopped and thought for a long minute.  Then looked at me and said.  "Something...resilient."

The word, resilient, can describe a lot of different creatures.  Most of the most famous prehistoric creatures are the big, tough ones, after all.  I spent the next minute or so running through the countless options in my head until I finally had an idea and turned back to her.  "I know one that is resilient that can also hit back...hard."

Which brings us to this year's pink prehistoric beast.  Euoplocephalus!  It had some of the thickest armor, topped with a bony tail that was all business.  Enjoy. 

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