Sunday, March 31, 2013

Come see us for Dinosaur Day at Rutgers Geology Museum on April 3rd!

Take a step back in time and come with us to discover the different types of dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth during the Mesozoic.  Both Jersey Boys Gary and Chris will be there! You should be there too! There will be a few more events similar to this at other Museums in the NJ area in the upcoming months.  Please click HERE and join the event page on facebook!  


  1. :fist pump:

    I like what you guys are doing here :) Although I do have to ask a question about the site design... A few weeks ago it was this cool thing with awesome boxes and stuff, but now it's like a normal blog (which is no problem at all whatsoever). Why the change?

  2. Thank you! Yes that was called "dynamic format" or something like that. It was certainly more cool looking but there were a few reasons we opted to go back to a more traditional look.

    The first is the fact that some computers couldn't run the whole thing. When clicked on the toolbar and cool green graphics didn't come up at all. My mother, who uses an ipad, wasn't even able to scroll down when she clicked an article.

    Second- none of the things on the side panel (archives, popular posts, advertizements, facebook, twitter...) would show which we really wanted to be on the home page.

    Those are the two reasons that stand out to me the most. Gary was the one who controls those things and he may have had some other reasons too that I can't remember.

    1. Ah, I see. Spreading awesome is probably more important than not being able to display awesome :)