Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Brunswick Geology Museum 2013

Yesterday's New Brunswick Geology Museum's "Dino Day" had a great turnout!

Myself(Chris) and Gary
As an alum from Rutgers University, I am quite familiar with the New Brunswick Geology Museum.  Some of my artwork is even on display there from a commission given to me in 2010!  It is not the biggest museum but it is still very cool with some unique pieces.  Its also very old which can be seen by some of the architecture in there including a very narrow spiral stair case (spiral stair cases are awesome).

It hasn't changed much since this photo was taken.  The whale skeleton isn't there anymore though. 

 Would you like a small tour before the crowds come in?  Of course you would!  Follow me...

Later in the night none other than the great paleo-artist, Larry Felder stopped by to show us some support!  As you may remember Larry is a good friend of ours and did an amazing interview on this site earlier this year!

Christopher DiPiazza, Gary Vecchiarelli and Larry Felder

We had a great time at my old college's museum and are looking forward to working there in the future.  Didn't get to see us yesterday?  Never fear.  We will be at a few more events this month in New Jersey.  The next is Saturday, April 20th at the Liberty State Park.  More information to come so stay tuned. 

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