Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dinner and Dinosaur Art: Jersey Boys Outing

A few weeks ago Gary, myself and our good friend, and fellow paleo-artist Larry Felder went out with some of our friends for dinner.  The place was known for its lobster and other seafood but most of what I could only notice was the unnatural amount of dead animals stuffed all over the place.


I'm not against hunting as long as its legal.  I'm friends with many hunters.  Many hunters are actually very knowledgeable conservationists.  However, I wouldn't find any enjoyment in hunting, myself.  I think the animals are more impressive when alive (okay turning the hippie switch off now). 

Anyway, Larry has been a friend of ours for a while now and we had a great time swapping paleo-art stories over beers and dinner.  Then he reached into his bag and pulled out a package containing three original oil paintings that he did several years ago for an exhibit in the Boston Museum of Science.  Then he told Gary and I that we could each keep one.

Gary chose Compsognathus.  (typical theropod lover)

I naturally grabbed the Pachycephalosaurus (I'm  sucker for things with thick noggins for some reason).

How cool is that?  Here is the display at the museum where these two paintings were used!

Lucky us!  Thanks again to Larry Felder for being so generous.  We are huge fans of your work!

Group shot from that night.  Man-folk from left to right: Gary Vecchiarelli, Me (Christopher DiPiazza) and Larry Felder.

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